Testimonials for Credit  Practitioners credit repair

Sharon S. Oregon

 I  worked mostly with Bibby.  She was absolutely punctual in getting back  with me during the whole process.  I am exiting a timeshare and during  the process received a collection  agency hit.  I contacted her and she immediately started down the path  of fixing the problem.  She stayed with me the entire way and was  encouraging that this would get fixed.  It finally did after many  months.  At the time, I was thinking of purchasing a  new home, so it was vital that the error get overturned.  She made it  happen.  Thanks Bibby for your hard work.  

Barbara R. California

 I  can't express how pleased I am with the assistance I received from .  It  was instilled in me by my grandparents just how important having good  credit is and I always tried to  do what I needed to do to keep good credit. Unfortunately, my credit  was destroyed by a company who I won't mention. Bibby was assigned to my  case and is responsible for fixing my credit. The process was quick.   She demonstrated her use of excellent customer  service skills throughout the entire process; patience, kindness and  great follow-through in her ability to meet the goal. She is an expert  in what she does and I will recommend her to anyone who is in need of  fixing their credit. - my hope is that you get  Bibby! 

Andrew C. California

 I have been working with Bibby on my credit for a couple months to clear off a terrible timeshare listed. Bibby stayed  on top of it the entire time and updated me  every step of the process. Now it has been removed and I couldn't be  happier! It was a pleasure working with him and refreshing to have  someone that cared about their client. I highly recommend Credit Practitioners and Bibby!   

Mary-Lou K. Florida

  Bibby helped  me correct my credit after I was unjustly maligned by a timeshare  company. She walked me through the process, kept in touch every step of  the way, and was able  to actually recover damages from one of the collection agencies that  was harassing me.  I highly recommend this company!  

Hubert R. North Carolina

 Serge and Bibby have  gone above and beyond to ensure that credit reporting to and by the  credit reporting agencies about timeshares we legally exited appears on  our credit  reports accurately. We never imagined that the big three credit  reporting agencies could be so adverse to ensuring accuracy in credit  reporting. Apparently, however, this is nothing new - They bring about  proper resolution and credit reporting. Not only that,  but they also provided letters of explanation about the timeshares'  incorrect credit reporting to satisfy underwriters for a residential  mortgage while the inaccurate credit reporting was in dispute! This  personalized assistance is truly above and beyond in  the credit repair industry and is what makes  true stand-out!